Comp - Short for Complimentary, a Comp is a privledge extended to players based on their level of wagers, time spent playing and other factors. Comps can be as small as free drinks, or meals to more expensive items like show tickets, or free rooms and for the big gamblers, free trips, hotel, meals, drinks, and shows.

Webmasters - Easy ways to make money

You're here, so you are obviously one of the thousands of us Webmasters out there that are constantly on the lookout for easy ways to make money online. Obviously the most popular and effective method of earning the dough online is to send potential customers to a specific merchant and hope that they actually end up buying something (or in the case of the casino, downloading the software and playing for free or real), with the end result being that you (the merchant's affiliate) as the original referrer of that customer/client get a percentage of what that customer spends. This way you don't worry about customer service, downtime, shipping products etc., you just simply send the potential customer to the merchant and hope that a conversion occurs.

Undoubtedly, the most profitable and one of the most easy ways to make money online is to be a casino affiliate - as I am. The percentages offered by casino affiliate progroams trend higher than for affiliate programs offered by the typical online retailer. You stand to gain as much as 30% to 50% off referrals to some online casinos, while regular online retailers such as Amazon may pay you only between 2.5% and 15% of the referrals that you send their way. And usually, it is very very difficult to achieve that 15% because you have to send a whole lot of customers their way to qualify for the higher end of the scale.

Not so for online casino affiliate programs, where not only do you make a decent percentage of what a player spends initially, but you continue to earn good percentages for as long as the person is a player at the specific online casino. If a player that you refer stays with a casino for ten years, you're likely to be making money off them for all those years as well.

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