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House - A term used for the casino. In blackjack you are not playing against the other players or even the dealer, you are playing the House or Casino which the dealer represents.

Free Webtools For Webmasters

Webmasters, we're always on the hunt for good webtools, and most importantly, good FREE webtools. Below we've outline a few links to free webtools for Webmasters. Novice, Intermediate and Expert webmasters should all find the links here quite useful. We're always looking to update and add new webtools, and you can send us your own recommendations as well - .

Casino Blasters
One of the easy ways to make money online is by becoming a casino affiliate, and Casino Blasters' affiliate program has set a very high bar for other competing programs to try to pass. Webmasters can earn some of the most generous affiliate payout rates in the online affiliate Industry . Their revenue-share program specifically pays Webmasters 50% of the Casino's gross revenue generated by referred players in the Webmaster's first month, and 36% of Casino gross Revenue for the entire player lifetime. Compare that to 5% at typical online retailers!

Email Encryption
Tired of having email harvesters grab your email address off your web site with the end result being that some spammer sends you tonnes and tonnes of crap constantly? Here's a cool tool that encrypts the email address that you place in your html code. On the surface, it looks and works perfectly normal when you click it, but e-mail harvesting agents will merely see something like %74%72%65%65%74%6D%65%40%68%6F% instead of your real email address.

Game In A Can - Free Games
If you're looking for customized free games for your web site, Game In A Can is the way to go. They offer casino-style games that popup in a console which they do customize to match your site's colours and even stylesheet. Signing up is a breeze and everyone knows that the best way to draw large amounts of traffic to a web site is to offer engaging, interactive content - which is exactly what these games will give you.

Webmaster World - Discussion Forums
One of the most lively and popular message boards on the web, Webmaster World is a good place for you to get intelligent answers to any pressing webmaster questions you may have.

Stay tuned, more free webtools for webmasters will be added here soon!